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ABC 7 News  |  By Heather Graf

Bethesda father will honor son with a special 'Bike to the Beach'

When Cassell recently learned about a nonprofit called 'Bike to the Beach', he instantly thought of Jake. According to its website, the organization hosts charity bike events as part of its mission "to promote bicycle riding, raise funds, and make an impact on the community affected by autism".

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March 8th, 2020  |  Bethesda Magazine

Remembering Jake

Last summer, 17-year-old Jake Cassell lost his life in a tragic accident in Bethesda. The Churchill student, who proudly played the role of the school mascot, left a lasting impression on everyone who knew him.

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April 2020  |  Autism Asperger's Sensory Digest  |  By Carol Stock Kranowitz

Because of Jake

Carol's memorial about this sunny, funny boy reinforces this magazine's main message: Autism does not necessarily keep people stuck in on spot. Rather, autism is the reason many people go so far.

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